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                                                              WOWLEN - GIVING SOUL TO COLORFUL YARN 

     Wowlen Originated from the love of young children, long ago, the founders of Wowlen conceived the idea of ​​creating beautiful and unique handmade products for children's toys as decorations for families. They kept the dream alive, and when it was ready to bear fruit, the seed sprouted into a beautiful flower. They called it Wowlen - yarn products that makes any customer "WOW" from the first sight. 

     Wowlen was officially launched in April 2016. Being sincerely interested in the development of a Vietnamese handmade brand that is capable for international reach, the founders of Wowlen and all its members put the word "​tâm​" (the Vietnamese word which means heart, mind, feeling, and soul) as the first business guidance.  As a result, each product is made whole-heartedly.  
     Wowlen's products are not only produced and sold domestically, but also have started to export abroad since 2016. Wowlen is proud to receive the trust of every customer who comes to the company, including domestic and foreign customers. Your support is what motivates Wowlen to improve its yarn product to be the best. 

     Wowlen's goal in the next 10 years, is to become one of the leading home decor products companies in Vietnam. This brand will be like a close friend, trusted by customers at home and abroad, especially families with children. Wowlen wishes to create a world where every customer's home becomes a beautiful showroom, where Wowlen's customers can be proud of their exquisite and sophisticated craftsmanship.

     Our mission is not only to provide the most beautiful and exquisite handmade products to our customers, but also to give them the happiness and joy of witnessing their homes brighten and be more colorful. The products of Wowlen will be where customers find color in their daily hustle and bustle, which is a place for children to imagine and have limitless creativity. At the same time, Wowlen believes that maintaining the Vietnamese craft industry and helping our products reach the international level is one of our main tasks.
Core Values
       ● Safety for the health of the consumer (especially infants and young children) is a top priority for Wowlen.  ​All of Wowlen's main product lines, especially yarn dolls, are made directly from high quality domestic materials including unruffled yarn that has a thick lining of cotton inside and out. As a result of a safety measure, even when babies place their mouths on the yarn, the yarn will not unravel.  Wowlen products have been certified for the safety of your baby by Intertek Vietnam. 
       ● Fine craftsmanship, quality assured. ​ As mentioned above, all Wowlen products are derived from high quality domestic ingredients. Each of our products are carefully taken care of from the design to knitting hooks in order to give customers beautiful and delicate products.  This is sure to satisfy even the most difficult customers. For us, the trust of customers is always placed first. 
       ● Respect for people and contributions to the community​. ​ ​Wowlen has its own design team, constantly producing new products to best meet customer needs.  In addition, Wowlen's wool handicraft production team includes the elderly, retired, and people with disabilities. Wowlen 
would like to be able to help these people by contributing a small part to the community and their lives. 
       ● Competitive price.  ​With Wowlen, nothing is more important than consumers believing in their products. Because of that, we are always looking for ways to optimize the production process and reduce costs to a minimum to bring the products to as many customers as possible. One will find that the prices of Wowlen products are now very competitive, although the quality of Wowlen products is superior to other competitors. It is the result of the constant efforts of the founders and is our pride at the moment.


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